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Puro MTB

Scott Reference Center

• Le Coq Sportif Multiplaza Escazú

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• Basic 25k – $89 USD • Premium 25k $119 USD •Premium 56,116k – $134 USD • V.I.P. 50k, 120k – $319 USD

Or, you can buy it on our stands at Puro MTB, Scott y Le Coq Sportif Multiplaza Escazú

Terms and Conditions



Options to register to the event La Etapa Costa Rica by Le Tour de France 2017
#1 Online:

  • Make the payment of the registration with credit card via the Chronotrack registration form.
  • Note: Transaction fees will be apply ($1 + 7% of registration cost).
  • In the information section, Zip Code please enter 12345, because this do not apply for Costa Rica.

#2 Point Of Sale (Stand):

  • Go to any POS authorized to make your payment in cash or bring a copy of your deposit.
  • The POS are:
    • Puro MTB, at Sabana Sur.
    • Scott Reference Center Store at Momentum
    • Scott Reference Center Store at Multiplaza de Curridabat.
    • Le Coq Sportif Multiplaza Escazí

* You can pay with Credit and Debit cards on the Stand of La Etapa Costa Rica.
Bank Accounts:

  • Bank: BAC San José
  • Name:Fit & Fun S.A.
  • Jurídica: 3-101-677731

$ (dlls): BAC: 924351067

CC $ (Client Acct dlls): BAC: 10200009243510672

Col (CR Colons): BAC: 924351059
CC Col (Client Acct CR Colons): BAC:10200009243510591


– Your Set will be determined by the times registered on your form. If you have any question about your Set or Times, please don’t hesitate to call 22348173 and we will help you.

Check the Rules and Policies of La Etapa Costa Rica by Le Tour de France

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us, Phone at Costa Rica 2234 8173 & outside toll-free 1-888-258-2036

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